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      Welcome to Rusnak Masonry:

Offering professional services that include but is not limited to: consultation, design, installation, repairs, and demolition.

Our talented young team of masons take great pride in their workmanship to provide the highest quality finished product. By staying educated in the field of masonry through ongoing education, technological advancements, and having so much experience in having done repairs for so long we are able to foresee possible problems with design, structure, and installation that other companies may not detect which translates to a superior product and more money in your pocket.
Our specialization is decorative work (brick and stone) and chimney's (both repairs and new construction). When it comes to chimney repairs we don't just repair the damage but we fix the problem, we have several tricks up our sleeves in which we use to safeguard your chimney from water damage.

With stamped concrete, flagstone, footings, interlocking stone, retaining walls and stucco(to be coming soon) why not deal with 1 contractor? By only setting up walls and walkways once there is no need for wasted man hours setting up each job multiple times and again this results in more money in your pocket!

Now with all of this information and the average age of bricklayers surpassing the age of 55 why not do business with someone who will still be operating 30 years from now? Every project both large and small is as important to us as the next as a happy customer generates more business! Our past customers and gallery speak for themselves!

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